Contrasts Reviewed by Bill Kirchner

Contrasts reflects all of Ed Joffe’s many years of experience as a performer, educator, conductor, and musical thinker. It exhibits his eclectic musical interests, as well as his deep awareness of many of the best musicians in New York City. All of these players get put to the test here in multifarious ways, and all deliver first-rate performances.

While we get to hear him play at a virtuoso level on virtually all of his instruments, he has generously chosen to share the spotlight with a number of other great players. But that is perhaps the best indication of who Ed Joffe is—a musician totally in service of the music. His concept is to play music of the highest caliber, whether it features him as a soloist or a section player or both. The idea of a “look Ma, no hands” dazzler doesn’t interest him.

So whatever your musical tastes, prepare to have your listening “chops” challenged. You are about to take a unique musical journey.


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