Peter Westbrook

The Flute Journal is a site that features everything you could want to know about the flute. It encompasses every style of music in which the flute has played a vital role—meaning all musical styles—as well as information about flute makers, new products, health-related issues for flutists, and features on renowned flutists. Founded by flutist/author/ film & TV producer/musicologist Peter Westbrook, this valuable site provides the student as well as the professional with numerous articles, audio & video recordings, and information on performance practice. New materials are posted monthly and there’s always a surprise awaiting the follower. This month has a feature on “James Moody Plays The Blues” that comes with a video presentation of an incredible Moody solo with transcription attached. Also, don’t miss the wonderful film on the great Sam Most on the site:

While there’s a heavy emphasis on jazz flute, all aspects of flute performance are treated with great reverence and thorough scholarship. For any serious flutist and woodwind doubler, this online location is a MUST!


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