Marcel Tabuteau and

This is a website entitled, Marcel Tabuteau First-Hand. It is one of the most important sites on the Internet for all woodwind players and really for any musician. This year marks the 131st anniversary of the birth of Marcel Tabuteau, one of the most important oboists of the 20th century and certainly one of the most influential teachers of the oboe and how to phrase music. He was the leader of the great woodwind section of the Philadelphia Orchestra during his tenure there (1915-1954) and helped initiate the principles in music-making that were taught to all students at the Curtis Institute of Music throughout the 20th Century. The site is replete with information not only about Tabuteau, his methods for phrasing, and his teaching philosophy, but also includes audio tracks of him performing as well as performances by some of the student chamber ensembles. (Some of the students heard on these tracks include Julius Baker, Albert Tipton, Bernard Portnoy, Ralph Gomberg, John de Lancie, Manuel Zegler, James Chambers, Mason Jones, Sanford Sharoff, Harry Shulman, Jorge Bolet, etc. The recorded excerpts can be found on the “Recordings” page.) One will spend many hours on this site realizing how much there is to learn about making music at the highest level.


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