FluteJournal.com Reviews Contrasts

“This recording represents the highest level of quality in woodwind performance, primarily in jazz but also across a variety of genres…. There is some great music here, to be enjoyed on many levels: classical players will appreciate the Bartók and other woodwind selections, big band lovers will be impressed by this saxophone section and there Continue reading 

Dick Oatts on “Woodwind Doubling…”

“I have been a friend and fan of Ed Joffe for 40 years and I feel he is one of the world’s most knowledgeable and dedicated woodwind specialists. He defines what it means to be called a “complete musician.” I feel his recent “Woodwind Doubling” book is the most comprehensive study on the art of Continue reading 

Contrasts Reviewed by Gary Walker

“Hey Ed, Your new recording is fantastic. Love the variety, playing, tune selection.” —Gary Walker (WBGO)

Contrasts Reviewed by Bill Kirchner

Contrasts reflects all of Ed Joffe’s many years of experience as a performer, educator, conductor, and musical thinker. It exhibits his eclectic musical interests, as well as his deep awareness of many of the best musicians in New York City. All of these players get put to the test here in multifarious ways, and all Continue reading 

Contrasts Reviewed by Gary Foster

“The challenge of meeting the highest standards that can be achieved in multiple woodwind performance is clearly defined here in Contrasts.” —Gary Foster

Contrasts Reviewed by Eddie Daniels

“I loved it. Great woodwind playing by Ed Joffe in a beautiful variety of musical styles.” —Eddie Daniels

Contrasts Reviewed by Marc Myers of JazzWax.com

“Are you a fan of Woody Herman’s Four Brothers band of the late 1940s or Supersax in the 1970s? Ed Joffe’s new album, “Contrasts,” will blow your mind. Ed manages to play nearly every woodwind instrument with enormous flair, and the album’s reed section is first rate.” —Marc Myers, JazzWax.com

Lawrence Feldman on “Woodwind Doubling…”

“If you are a woodwind doubler, stop practicing until you obtain a copy of Ed Joffe’s ground breaking book so that you can figure out what the heck you are doing and why.” —Lawrence Feldman, New York Studio & Recording Artist

Gary Foster on “Woodwind Doubling…”

“It is the only text that I have seen that deals completely and exclusively with this subject.” —Gary Foster, Legendary Studio/Jazz Doubler

Ted Nash on “Woodwind Doubling…”

“This comprehensive volume, rich with artistic and commercial applications, is sure to become the bible for both aspiring and established woodwind players.” —Ted Nash, Jazz Artist, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Dan Higgins on “Woodwind Doubling…”

Woodwind Doubling for Saxophone, Clarinet & Flute by Ed Joffe is a wonderful documentation of this musical art form. I particularly enjoyed the opening chapters involving the history of doublers dating as far back as the 1300’s to present day. I found this opening section very detailed and informative. Part 2 deals with the nuts Continue reading 

Gary Gray on “Woodwind Doubling…”

“I’m ALWAYS learning new information from your Book on woodwind doubling! You have covered so many great woodwind players and discussed their styles and where they performed and other details…I use it with my UCLA students at every lesson!” —Gary Gray, Professor Emeritus of Clarinet, UCLA

FluteJournal.com endorses “Woodwind Doubling…”

“The book cuts no corners in a field that jointly specializes, yet is a common area for so many working woodwind players…. Joffe stresses acquiring performance skills in a variety of styles which is essential advice to a student or working doubler. This is the only way that success, both in working and musical fulfillment, Continue reading 

Flutist Quarterly review of “Beyond the Notes”

Beyond the Notes—Musical Thoughts and Analyses by Thomas Nyfenger, Compiled and Edited by Edward Joffe This kind of book is rare; not many musicians are able to put such clear, outspoken opinions on paper. His urge to find the essence of a work—with most important parameters being time signature, phrasing, and harmony—makes him, for me, Continue reading