The International Clarinet Association (ICA)

The ICA is an international organization open to all serious lovers of the clarinet—laymen, students, teachers, & professional players. The ICA began in the 1960s in the US through the efforts of several university professors and took root as the International Clarinet Society in 1973. Since then, it has evolved and become the largest and most popular association serving clarinetists worldwide. Its annual Conference is among the best attended of any music business gathering. This year’s annual conference—ClarinetFest 2019—is in Knoxville, Tenn from 7/24—7/28. For its members, the ICA generates a quarterly journal that is highly informative and well written and available both in hard copy and online; sponsors numerous competitions for all ages; makes available its extensive archive collection; and offers links to other clarinet organizations, commercial clarinet companies, instrument insurance, clarinet competitions worldwide, and job offerings. Membership for students and senior citizens is as low as $35/yr and $50/yr for adults. This year’s Conference features numerous performances, masterclasses, competitions, and a terrific exhibitors display where one can find anything and everything imaginable for clarinet. Even if you can’t attend the Conference, the Journal and the access to the ICA archives are enough reason to join.


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