Liner Notes

Online Classical Music Quarterly

Over the past year I have become aware of an online magazine that is absolutely wonderful and should be a part of every music lover’s online library. Liner Notes is the brainchild of editor Joe Moore. It is coming up on two years since the initial edition and continues to evolve with many attractive offerings. I was initially drawn to this magazine when the Marcel Moyse Society provided a link to an article from Liner Notes’ Fall 2022 publication entitled: William Kincaid and Marcel Moyse: Flutists Who Changed the World by Thomas Wolf. The research and quality of writing in this article piqued my interest and I have come to expect this type of journalistic excellence from every aspect of this quarterly magazine. And the price is right! For $20 per year, you will receive 4 online copies of Liner Notes in high-resolution pdf format as well as a $25 gift certificate to their CD/LP marketplace when you join. All aspects of the classical music industry are addressed in virtually every issue including featured articles on performers, conductors, record labels, films, books, etc. This several hundred-page work of art is sure to inspire even the casual classical music lover.

Here’s a link to a Promotional Video. Scroll down on the homepage to access it.


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