Pepper Adams

Detroit native Pepper Adams (1930-1986) was one of the greatest improvisers in America during his lifetime. Following Harry Carney and then Gerry Mulligan as the pre-eminent baritone saxophonist of their generations, Adams carved out a major career first as a sideman (over 600 recordings in this capacity) and then as a major soloist and composer in the years after leaving the Thad Jones/Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra (post 1976). This website is a phenomenal resource for all jazz devotees and particularly low reedists. It offers numerous audio tracks of Pepper’s performances throughout his career; lists of his compositions and big band arrangements of his tunes; autobiographical information; articles about Pepper and interviews with him; information on how to purchase his biography: Reflectory—The Life and Music of Pepper Adams by Gary Carner; and a link to Pepper Adams’ Joy Ride—his updated Discography, among other highlights This is a website that you will find yourself going back to time and time again. There’s a reason every great jazz baritone soloist from Ronnie Cuber to Gary Smulyan cite Pepper Adams as a major influence. Check it out!

*A new website dedicated to the baritone saxophone has just been launched. Their opening concert is on Saturday, 10/8/22 (Pepper Adams’ birthday) with a round-the-clock concert at Club Ornithology in Brooklyn, NY featuring many wonderful baritone saxophonists and their bands from 12pm EST—12:30am EST. This concert can also be streamed live. Please be sure to check out:


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