Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall

The Berlin Philharmonic’s Digital Concert Hall has been in existence since 2008. It was the first venture by a world-class orchestral organization to offer concerts, live and archival, through the medium of streaming. In addition to the roughly 40 live concerts/yr. that the site offers (they can be viewed at any time for as many times as desired when one is a subscriber), there are numerous other enticements that should interest any music lover. There are literally hundreds of archival concerts available that one can access by choosing the conductor, composer, soloist, genre, and/or season. Films and interviews with soloists or conductors are also available through this innovative website. The musical offerings can be heard/viewed on one’s TV, computer, tablet or smartphone and the video/audio resolution is spectacular. The cost, given the incredible amount of music that is available, is quite reasonable. A one-year subscription is roughly $169 or one can opt to buy a monthly, 30 day, or 7 day “ticket.” This format has been slowly adapted by some American orchestras during the pandemic and is likely to become the new norm in the orchestral world. Besides the fact that you get to listen to one of the greatest orchestras in the world whenever you choose, this is a great buy for the money and one that any serious musician should rush to purchase!


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