Clarinet Central

Clarinet Central is a site that focuses primarily on legendary Philly Orchestra clarinetist, Ralph McLane. Known for his exquisite sound, McLane’s recordings during his brief time with the Philly Orchestra (1943-1951) have become great examples of the beauty one can elicit from a clarinet. This site is replete with biographical information and audio tracks of Mclean. It also offers historical information on the history of the clarinet; embouchure & technique; a discussion with audio tracks of the “Philadelphia sound, including a page devoted to Tabuteau;” a page devoted to mouthpieces and refacing; and a store where the newly re-released Louis Desantis book “New Studies for Clarinet” is available. There are other links throughout the site that a clarinet nerd might find enticing but the real treasure here is hearing Mclean in all his glory days.


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