Bret Pimentel

Bret Pimentel is a multi-woodwind instrumentalist who teaches at Delta State University in Mississippi. He has authored a popular book for teaching woodwinds entitled “Woodwind Basics,” which can be purchased through his site. Bret’s website is an extensive one and largely devoted to woodwind doubling. It includes listings of all Broadway musicals—those originating on Broadway as well as those on tour—and the breakdown of the woodwind books associated with each production; woodwind blogs with links to each of them; college and university degree programs in woodwind doubling for the prospective student; and music involving doubling. One of the most useful aspects of this website are the numerous Posts that one can access broken into categories such as “By Instrument,” “By Category,” and “By Popular Tag.” There is so much information on this site that you will want to make some part of it a daily practice. As someone who has devoted most of my life to this discipline, I appreciate it and the work that Bret has put into this greatly


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