Robert Bigio

Robert Bigio is a London-based flute maker who has one of the most complete and informative flute sites on the internet. A historian of flute with several of his books available on this site, Mr. Bigio supplies the viewer with articles by renowned flutists, many of them with recordings by the flutist authors. Other categories explored here include The History & Development of the Flute and Flute Makers. These pages supply a great deal of information on the development of the Boehm flute as well as more recent innovations in the development of simple system (folk) flutes, Baroque flutes and recorders. The real gem for me is the page devoted to early flute recordings along with brief bios of the performers. Among the many notable historic flutists with recordings featured here are Geoffrey Gilbert, Fernand Caratgé, Gaston Crunelle, René Le Roy, Marcel Moyse, Georges Laurent, Leonardo De Lorenzo, Georges Barrère, Philippe Gaubert, etc. Enjoy this wonderful website.


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