Keith Underwood: Flute Exercises

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In this video segment, Keith Underwood provides invaluable information on historical flutes, recordings, exercises and a variety of other topics. He plays several of his historical instruments, including flutes previously owned by Tom Nyfenger and Albert Tipton. He also references recordings/videos by some of his favorite players (Rampal, Baker, Kincaid, Nyfenger, Glenn Gould) as a means for improving one’s musicality. Keith’s demonstrations of these players and their techniques will serve as an endless source of inspiration. Finally, his explanations of his breathing technique and breathing exercises are brilliant and should be seriously studied by all wind players.

About the Artist: Keith initially studied flute with Salvatore Amato (one of the first great flute doublers) and then with Thomas Nyfenger at the Yale School of Music. He has played with most of New York’s major ensembles, done a great deal of recording for film and television in both NY and LA, and has developed a reputation as a teacher of flute and general wind playing techniques. He teaches at the Mannes College of Music, New York University, Queens College, and at the Graduate Center of CUNY. His teaching has taken him all over the world, including extensive work in Japan, Brazil, Italy, Hawaii, and Mexico. Many great instrumentalists playing virtually every wind instrument, as well as singers, have taken lessons with Keith. He has given classes at almost every major flute conference in the U.S. and at such prestigious universities such as The Juilliard School, New England Conservatory, Cleveland Institute, and Northwestern University. He teaches week-long summer seminars at Hidden Valley Music in Carmel Valley, CA and at Mt. Holyoke College in Massachusetts.


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