Musicians Cook!

The Musicians Cook! cookbook is a unique 278-page paperback that is the brainchild of flutist Reva Youngstein. Reva, a longtime Local 802 AFM member, sought to find a way to help her colleagues who had suffered great personal hardship due to the pandemic and, in many cases, lost their health insurance. She has compiled 283 recipes from musicians which are sure to delight. These recipes span the entire range of dishes from starters to desserts and are accompanied by personal stories from each contributing chef. The many offerings also reflect a multitude of creative ethnic recipes. The book and original artwork were designed by and with the help of 802 musicians and all proceeds will go to the SaveNYCMusicians campaign and the Local 802 Musicians’ Health Fund. Besides helping to provide relief to many artists, you will be sure to make use of this book for many meals and years to come. An e-copy ($22) or paperback version of the book ($43) is available through or at Amazon:


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