William (Tom) Ridenour Videos

The January 2019 featured site is dedicated to the YouTube video channel of clarinetist William (Tom) Ridenour. After selecting this link, hit the “Video” link at the top of his YouTube Home page. His collection of over 100 video segments, dedicated to every aspect of clarinet playing including upkeep, repair, and performance, is presented in a very straight-forward manner by one of the most knowledgeable clarinet professionals in the world today. No stone is left unturned in these videos. Mr. Ridenour is well known for his invaluable book: Clarinet Fingerings—A Comprehensive Guide for the Performer and Educator (2000). It is the single best book on this topic and should be in every serious clarinetist’s possession. These videos add to the legacy that Mr. Ridenour has established as an educator; builder/designer/ innovator of clarinets; and performer. The viewer should also check out his website for more information about Ridenour products at: www.ridenourclarinetproducts.com.


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