Just Jazz


Mark Myers, the producer of Jazzwax.com as well as the music and arts writer for the Wall Street Journal, recently posted a link to the American Archive of Public Broadcasting site. This particular link takes one to some of the wonderful jazz shows that were hosted by Ed Beach from 1961-1976. Mr. Beach was the most erudite jazz radio DJ and his Just Jazz broadcasts enlightened generations of jazz lovers. These shows were two-hour specials presented Monday–Friday as well as a four-hour show on Saturday on WRVR-FM radio in New York City. (WRVR was a radio station dedicated to presenting the finest in jazz and public interest stories and was the precursor to WBGO-FM.) Each show featured a great jazz artist or ensemble and all styles of jazz were offered. I learned about and developed my passion for jazz and its many great artists because of this show and the hip way Ed Beach delivered it. He had an extensive LP collection that numbered about 15,000, which served as the library for his shows. He infused each presentation with insightful info about the featured artists and treated all performers with great reverence. The Archive Collection presently has 99 of these shows spanning the years 1961-1973. Mr. Beach retired to Oregon when WRVR suddenly switched programming formats in 1976 but through the magic of the internet and high-quality dubbing, we can now enjoy these episodes once again. Treat yourself to wonderful listening and a lesson in jazz history by tuning into Just Jazz.

Note: After clicking on the episode that you desire, give it 30 or more seconds to resolve.

*Below is a tribute to Ed Beach played by Zoot Sims entitled “Beach In The A.M.” from his 1973 album Zoot At Ease with Hank Jones, Milt Hinton, and Grady Tate.


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