The Woodwind Concepts of Joe Allard

Joe Allard was one of the most important woodwind performers and teachers during his lifetime, 1910—1991. As a clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone instructor at The Juilliard School, The New England Conservatory, The Manhattan School of Music, The Mannes School and at his studios in New York and New Jersey for 40 yrs., he literally influenced generations of woodwind artists. Mr. Allard himself was a student of a cross-section of some of the major artist/performers of the first half of the twentieth century: Ralph McLane, Chester Hazlitt, Gaston Hamelin, Daniel Bonade, Augustin Duques, Edmondo Allegra and Rudy Weidoeft. His performances as a clarinetist and saxophonist with every major freelance orchestra in New York as well as the NBC Symphony, Symphony of the Air, The Bell Telephone Hour Orchestra, The Band of America, The Voice of Firestone Orchestra, The Dupont Calvalcade Orchestra, and The Red Nichols and Red Norvo Orchestras allowed him to interact with a variety of instrumentalists and singers who helped cement his philosophies regarding music and woodwind pedagogy.

Mr. Allard’s philosophies and teaching methodology are the basis for the type of woodwind instruction I have offered in my teaching over the past 45 years. Please refer to the Tributes page for a more extensive view of Joe Allard’s career presented in “Remembering Joseph Allard.”

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