The Music Business: Past, Present & Future

The music business is a rapidly changing industry that requires its employees to become knowledgeable entrepreneurs. This presentation provides individuals with functional techniques and strategies that enable them to turn their passion into their business. Universities impart tremendous artistic and technical knowledge to their students throughout their training. This clinic complements that training by teaching students how to build their careers outside of school and thus offers a bridge between the academic life and the professional life.

I have taught music business courses for 15 years and found that students need this type of information in order to work independently and in groups while developing their promotional materials and organizational skills. The topics I will address include:

  • Preparing For A Career In Music
  • The Recording Industry
  • Music and the Media
  • Symphonic and Musical Theater Work
  • Music Publishing, Copyright & Licensing
  • Music Education
  • The Retail Music Business
  • Artist Management & Marketing

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