The Art of Doubling

Part of the Ed Joffe Woodwind Doubling Masterclass Series, The Art of Doubling is a demonstration and discussion involving specific tips to improve one’s performance when switching quickly from one woodwind to another. Music from jazz, commercial and classical settings will be referenced.

This class will look at actual parts that doublers have had to perform, both as section players and as soloists.

Participants will be asked to play in both types of settings with music taken from Broadway shows, recording dates and concert repertoire.

The inherent problems presented by the musical selections including stylistic considerations, equipment choices, embouchure accommodations, subtleties of pitch and dynamics, etc. will be discussed and solutions offered.

Additional time will be spent on the differences the performer must attend to when performing in a pit scenario vs. a recording studio vs. on-stage concert performances.

Now available as a Virtual Masterclass!


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