Sax Section Performance for Pros

Part of the Ed Joffe Woodwind Doubling Masterclass Series, Sax Section Performance for Pros is a clinic concerning ways to improve one’s ability to function successfully within a saxophone section. A variety of charts from a diverse group of arrangers including Benny Carter, Fletcher Henderson, Manny Albam, Marion Evans, Frank Foster and Thad Jones are used as playing examples of the types of musical requirements saxophonists will likely encounter when performing in sax sections in big bands, musical theater and/or behind singers. The demands of each chair in a traditional 5-person section (AATTB) and various approaches to playing each chair is demonstrated. Listening examples from many of the great saxophone sections are employed as reference guides during the class. Equipment choices for playing in a sax section vs. combo/solo settings are discussed along with techniques for playing different vibrato speeds and articulating in different registers at varying dynamics.


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