The Clarinet Doubler on Broadway

This video shows excerpts from a presentation I gave at the 2017 International Clarinet Association Conference in Orlando, Florida entitled “The Clarinet Doubler on Broadway.”

I was accompanied by three woodwind doubler friends who have all performed in numerous Broadway musicals: Rick Heckman, John Cipolla & Devin DiMauro.

We explained how the work scene has evolved for the clarinet doubler, with particular emphasis on the last 50 years.

An up-to-date accounting of the use of the clarinet on Broadway in the 2016/2017 season is referenced along with a comparison of the use of clarinet doubling chairs versus straight clarinet chairs.

There is information provided about the various physical similarities and differences between the clarinet and other woodwinds as well as the benefits of woodwind doubling.

Finally, there are several demonstrations of clarinet doubling referencing Broadway musicals performed by the quartet of woodwind doublers.


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