Contrasts by Ed Joffe

Contrasts (cover)

CD Personnel
Ed Joffe–soprano/alto saxophones, flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet
Lawrence Feldman–alto saxophone, flute/alto flute/bass flute
Bob Malach–tenor saxophone, alto flute
Dan Willis–tenor saxophone, alto flute
Roger Rosenberg–baritone saxophone, alto flute

Mike Davis, trombone; Richie Vitale, trumpet/flugelhorn
Tom Ranier, piano/clarinet; Allen Farnham, piano
Andy Eulau, bass; Tim Horner, drums
Larry Saltzman, Howard Alden, Scott Kuney, guitars
Larry Spivack, vibraphone; James Saporito, snare drum
Memo Acevedo, Latin percussion
Carolyn Leonhart, vocals

Cameron Grant, piano; Kurt Nikkanen, violin
Jeanne Wilson, piccolo

Kurt Nikkanen, Mike Roth, Derek Ratzenboeck, violins
Liuh-Wen Ting, Sue Pray, violas; Fred Zlotkin, cello
Ron Wasserman, bass; Sara Cutler, harp

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This recording represents the highest level of quality in woodwind performance, primarily in jazz but also across a variety of genres…. There is some great music here, to be enjoyed on many levels: classical players will appreciate the Bartók and other woodwind selections, big band lovers will be impressed by this saxophone section and there is Piazzolla, William Walton, Antonio Carlos Jobim… but not breadth without depth. This music is beautifully played by all concerned and required listening for woodwind doublers.

Hey Ed, Your new recording is fantastic. Love the variety, playing, tune selection.

Gary Walker (WBGO)

Contrasts reflects all of Ed Joffe’s many years of experience as a performer, educator, conductor, and musical thinker. It exhibits his eclectic musical interests, as well as his deep awareness of many of the best musicians in New York City. All of these players get put to the test here in multifarious ways, and all deliver first-rate performances…. Ed Joffe is a musician totally in service of the music. His concept is to play music of the highest caliber, whether it features him as a soloist or a section player or both. The idea of a “look Ma, no hands” dazzler doesn’t interest him.

—Bill Kirchner

The challenge of meeting the highest standards that can be achieved in multiple woodwind performance is clearly defined here in Contrasts.

—Gary Foster

I loved it. Great woodwind playing by Ed Joffe in a beautiful variety of musical styles.

—Eddie Daniels

Bravo, Ed, for a totally amazing CD. I’m enjoying it so much. Such a high level of musicianship and versatility. You are just amazing in so many styles and genres.

—John Bruce Yeh

Are you a fan of Woody Herman’s Four Brothers band of the late 1940s or Supersax in the 1970s? Ed Joffe’s new album, “Contrasts,” will blow your mind. Ed manages to play nearly every woodwind instrument with enormous flair, and the album’s reed section is first rate.

—Marc Myers,

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