Woodwind Concepts of Joe Allard Masterclass Series

Joe Allard
Joe Allard
  • Class I: Embouchure Considerations
  • Class II: Tongue Position and Articulation
  • Class III: How to Improve the Breathing Process
  • Class IV: Overtones, Undertones & Other Warmups

Dates TBA

Joe Allard was one of the most important woodwind performers and teachers during his lifetime. As a saxophone, clarinet, and bass clarinet instructor at some of the most prestigious music conservatories in the U.S., he literally influenced generations of woodwind artists who were important voices in the classical, jazz, commercial, and recording industries. These classes will offer an insight into Mr. Allard’s saxophone/clarinet pedagogy and provide many exercises and musical examples that saxophonists and clarinetists of any level will benefit from.

Mr. Allard himself was a student of a cross-section of some of the major artists/performers of the first half of the twentieth century: Gaston Hamelin, Daniel Bonade, Ralph McLane, Chester Hazlitt, Augustin Duques, Edmond Allegra, Lyle Bowen and Rudy Wiedoeft. His performances as a clarinetist and saxophonist with every major freelance orchestra in New York as well as the NBC Symphony, Symphony of the Air, The Bell Telephone Hour Orchestra, The Band of America, The Voice of Firestone Orchestra, The Dupont Cavalcade Orchestra, and The Red Nichols and Red Norvo Orchestras allowed him to interact with a variety of instrumentalists and singers. This helped cement his philosophies regarding music and woodwind pedagogy. His students have included such notable players as Michael Brecker, Eddie Daniels, Lawrence Feldman, Steve Grossman, Dave Liebman, Harvey Pittel, Roger Rosenberg, Dave Tofani, Joe Viola, John Bruce Yeh and Pete Yellin. Each class is 90 minutes and the total cost for the series of four classes is $100.

This Masterclass Series is presented in real time via Zoom and purchased through PayPal.

Please contact Ed to inform him that you will be joining this masterclass series.


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