Woodwind Doublers & Broadway Masterclass Series

Ed Joffe with Five Woodwinds
  • Class I: Preparing for Work in Musical Theater
  • Class II: Subbing and Breaking into Theater Work
  • Class III: Day-to-Day Survival Tips When Doing a Show
  • Class IV: A Broadway Musician’s Guide for Long-Term Success

Dates TBA

Over the past decades, musical theater has become the major employer of woodwind multi-instrumentalists. Whether on Broadway, off-Broadway, regional/ community/dinner theaters, high school/college shows, summer-stock/cruise productions, or as part of a touring company, doublers have the greatest opportunity to gain employment by performing in the orchestra of a musical theater production. Gaining an understanding of how to go about preparing to successfully enter this sector of the music industry and maintain employment throughout one’s career requires more than just playing one’s instruments capably. Having worked on Broadway musicals for over 40 years, I am prepared to share my insights in this area via an extensive look at this discipline in four masterclasses. Each class will be 90 minutes long and offer musical examples from Broadway shows. The total cost for the series of four classes is $100.

This Masterclass Series is presented in real time via Zoom and purchased through PayPal.

Please contact Ed to inform him that you will be joining this masterclass series.


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