September 2014 Woodwind Doubling Masterclass

Preparing for the Radio City Music Hall Audition

Presented by Ed Joffe

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Local 802, Room B
322 West 48th Street
New York, NY   10036

Everyone will have 15 minutes to perform his/her audition material, receive critique and help in presenting it. The emphasis will be on maximizing one’s presentation for the auditions to take place at RCM a week later.

While playing in front of one’s peers can be a difficult task, it should make the actual audition experience a less frightening and nerve-racking experience. The class will be conducted in a manner that will emphasize mutual respect and support for each performer so that everyone will be “rooting” for each other.

Additional Topics will include:

  • Preparing reeds in advance of an audition
  • How to mentally prepare for the audition
  • What to do the day of the audition

Everyone attending is encouraged to bring their instruments and perform.

Admission Fee: $25

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