September 2019 Woodwind Doubling Masterclass

Monday, 9/23/2019 (7:00-10pm)
330 7th Ave (28/29th St) Rm. 706
Fee: $40

Woodwind Topic: How To Improve Articulation
Sax Section Doubling: Music of Thad Jones
Musical Theater Doubling: Victor Victoria

This session will focus on how to improve one’s ability to articulate on all single reed instruments and how improving one’s articulation technique also improves the player’s tonal concept. Participants are encouraged to bring breathing bags to the class as a means for exploring this topic. Excerpts from the following studies will serve as a basis for this discussion:

Clarinet: Rose Study #6
Flute: Anderson Op. 15 #9A
Saxophone: Ferling Famous Studies #8

We will look at doubling within the saxophone section. Examples will include the jazz saxophone section writing of Thad Jones in his compositions It Only Happens Every Time and 61st & Rich’ It and the commercial saxophone section writing of Billy Byers from the musical, Victor Victoria.

*Please contact Ed prior to the class to discuss what saxophones/clarinets/flutes you will need to bring.


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